Noisli is an app that sweeps you away into a peaceful abyss of tranquil background noise, proven to make you more productive and increase creativity.

I have found that the environment and state of mind I’m in when designing has an effect on the work I create. It can be difficult to block out distractions that surround me in an office space, reducing the time I stay productive and focused throughout the day.

Studies have shown a moderate level of background noise (70 decibels) can enhance your focus and performance on creative tasks. The ambience drowns out distractions and deflects your mind, breaking the usual pattern of thinking. This allows your imagination to wander outside its boundaries.

Noisli generates background noises using a combination of soothing water, wind, fire and forest sounds. Some other options include the bustling atmosphere of a coffee shop, a train moving along its tracks or simply white noise. You can adjust the emphasis of each sound and save custom compositions.

I have always been a night owl, I love the serenity that comes after dark. This has not always worked in my favour as the world runs on daylight hours. I use Noisli to replicate the realistic sounds of night to help me focus during the day. I love the combination of the moon, light rain and bonfire.

It has an elegantly minimal approach, an intuitive interface and fading background colours that complement the selected sounds giving a naturally calming influence on my mood. I have also recently been using it to calm my mind before bed - it comes with a timer that fades out the noise once you’re asleep.

This app has become a vital part of my design process during the day and has worked wonders for switching my mind off at night.