Australian artist Sonia Rentsch created this beautiful series called “Harm Less”, in which she crafts clever compositions of organic materials.

A 25 year old law student from Texas made headlines last week when he used a 3D home printer to produce a firearm, posting a video of his exploits to YouTube. Artist Sonia Rentsch, graduated from Australia’s RMIT University in industrial design in 2002, has quite a different and less harmful approach to reproducing weapons. To mimic the form of guns and other modern weaponry Rentsch created this striking series of sculptures for January Biannual, using organic objects like leaves, sticks and seed pods. 

She enjoys creating “deceptively clever scenes from the simplest of objects." Photographed by Albert Comper and under the art direction of Olivia Nichols, the images stir thoughts of beauty and violence within man and nature. With barely blooming buds posing as bullets and triggers made of curled leaves, she juxtaposes the beauty of life with death. Rentsch transforms these human creations of mass destruction back into nature, stripping them from their violent intent whilst playfully reinventing their purpose. Beautiful.

Check out her website to view her extensive portfolio of work.