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Awards Annual

Transforming a hardcover book into a hands-on experience

Every year the Australian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) recognises the industry’s best creative ideas, bringing them together in a prestigious hardcover book. In 2013 this annual was produced as an iPad app for the very first time.

It was our job to make the new app feel as tactile and immersive as possible. To create a user experience that was as brilliantly creative as the work being showcased.

Every piece of work in the app was the result of many hours of work. Our idea was to pull these together with a visual idea that embodied the creative process: fun, fluid, and full of surprises.

The process

While we were designing for a digital device, this project actually gave us license to get our hands dirty in real life. We experimented with a raft of unconventional materials in addition to our standard tools – including wax, paint, silicon, 3D software and 3D printing – documenting every step we took on film.



Art Direction

Together with bold typography and an intuitive design, this visual translated into a dynamic and user-friendly app interface.

The app

As well as giving every award category a fresh introduction, the app worked on a very functional level to make a large amount of information accessible, readily shared and easily promoted via social networks.

The Experiment

The end result: a melting composition of wax replicas of the iconic AWARD pencil and industry-related objects which, when played in reverse, represents the way great ideas ‘rise’ from the creative process.

The AWARD awards of 2013 marked the beginning of a new digital way of exploring the awarded work in the new prestigious awards show in Australasia.

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