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Department of Education

Disability, Support and Learning

School students with disabilities and special needs have their own unique set of requirements. To help educate parents, other students and the broader community about this, the NSW Department of Education & Communities (DEC) decided to develop a dedicated website – accessible from, but separate, to the existing DEC site.

We were given the task to create a website that felt in keeping with the NSW Government style, but communicated its content with a fresh edge.

Our approach to the photography has a definite spontaneous feel, and a sense of authenticity. Real people, representing a huge variety of schools and classes, appear in front of the camera, often taking the picture themselves.


The idea is to let the subject define how they’re seen by the viewer – giving them the power to shape the world’s perceptions of them, rather than vice versa.


Art Direction

The whole point of the Disability, Support and Learning website was to make it easy to learn more about the topics at hand – and to make the information feel real and relevant. So we developed an art direction style that was bold and clear, defined by large uniform typography, optimized for the highest level (AAA) of web content accessibility guidelines. 


Website navigation is hidden yet always accessible, making it a handy tool for those who need to find information quickly and easily. The inviting layout also makes the site readily browsable, with plenty of content there to catch the attention of visitors.

Future Büro gets how to trigger an audience connection.
Trisha Treanor Senior Content Strategist, NSW Department of Education and Communities


The site was designed using a responsive layout to make navigation easy and overall user experience hassle-free. Swipe gestures and custom navigation were integrated for mobile devices, so content can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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