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Fair Go Bro

Putting Virgin Mobile in the spotlight

Created to promote Virgin Mobile’s ‘Fair Go For All’ proposition, the ‘Fair Go Bro’ campaign showed Brad Pitt’s brother Doug getting a taste of the celebrity lifestyle. We were given the challenge of taking the idea online.

The campaign kicked off with a YouTube video introducing Doug to the world. It was viewed 1.3 million times and the website gained 30,000 Facebook likes, elevating Doug from ‘just a bro’ to ‘celebro!’ in just one week. The intent: to give the ‘Fair Go, Bro’ campaign some digital clout.

With every new view or Facebook like, Doug’s popularity escalated on our custom-made ‘Cele-bro-meter’ – and in no time, he’d reached ‘CeleBro’ status.

After bringing Doug Pitt to the world’s attention on the internet, he was brought down under for a celeb-style tour – giving people the chance to meet the unlikely hero in person. Momentum only increased Phase 2 was rolled out – a promotion inviting people to be part of Doug’s entourage when he visited Australia.


Just a Bro




Art Direction

To further emphasise Doug Pitt’s evolution from a regular bro to a ‘celebro’, photoshoots were organised with Mr Pitt himself, with each milestone adding more glamour and glitter to the scene.


Visitors to the ‘Fair Go Bro’ website could find Doug’s whereabouts in Australia using a GPS tracker and an online map. If they managed to get ‘papped’ by Doug’s photographer, they could win on-the-spot prizes. The website we built to house the campaign activity was flexible and highly interactive, giving visitors a series of opportunities to engage and play.

Brad Pitt American actor and producer


And (not forgetting who our client was), we put extra effort into customising the design for mobile, guaranteeing a great user experience even on the go.

With nearly 800,000 unique site visits, it should come as no surprise that ‘Fair Go Bro’ has been Virgin Mobile's most successful campaign to date.

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