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Give 0.7%

How one small figure can make a world of difference

Back in 1970, The United Nations set a target for rich nations to donate 0.7% of their wealth to developing countries each year. The idea was to make ending poverty a shared responsibility – and to remind us that a proportionally tiny amount can make a massive impact.

It’s brilliant except for one slight problem: only a handful of countries have actually reached the target since it was introduced. We wanted to put the 0.7% target back on everyone’s radar. To remind people how easy it is to make a positive impact. To reignite passion for ending poverty.

Imagine if you could change the world for the better by spending ten minutes on YouTube. You’d do it, right? Well, our concept for launching the ‘Give 0.7%’ campaign was that simple.

The Film

We created a funny, poignant and pointed YouTube video that lasts exactly 0.7% of a day – ten minutes five seconds to be exact. In this time, we take viewers on a journey that celebrates those who Give 0.7%, and asks the rest of us all to do the same.



A strong and clean brandmark was developed that subtly plays upon how small of an amount 0.7 really is. Visually the campaign was brought to life with a clean, bold brand identity, which uses a punchy red, black and grey colour palette.


We also built a simple single-page scrolling website to support the campaign online – providing an engaging narrative that encouraged users to watch and share the video, and ideally make a donation. The user experience was also given additional depth by subtle interactions and gently layered key images.

Together we want to help the world see and believe in a better future
Ban Ki-Moon Secretary-General of the United Nations


Designed to be responsive, the site is optimised for all devices, with customised navigation for mobile and swipe gestures integrated wherever appropriate.

The overall result: a clearly focused, beautifully realised awareness campaign.

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