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A website dedicated to lovers of coffee

Originally established as a humble coffee house on Melbourne’s Lygon Street in 1962, Grinders Coffee has come a long way. Driven by a passion for quality and a commitment to sustainability, Grinders has grown to become the largest roaster of Fairtrade coffee in Australia, sourcing beans from developing countries across the globe.

What Grinders was missing though, was an online presence that conveyed their rich heritage and admirable values. 



We wanted to create a site that reflected Grinders’ unique blend of craftsmanship, culture, tradition and ethics – an engaging destination that would keep people coming back for more (just like Grinders coffee itself). So we ended up creating a site that’s very visual and interactive, which tells the Grinders story piece by piece.

Possibly the biggest challenge while working on this project was not to drink coffee day-in day-out.

Thomas Jürgens Developer

The project

Using a mixture of photography and illustration, the site takes people ‘inside’ the Grinders brand, sharing details of their blends, equipment and products. Visitors can even explore all the places where Grinders source their beans on an interactive map. For coffee-lovers, it’s an experience that’s both immersive and educational. 

And of course underpinning everything is a distinct sense of quality, from the artfully cropped images to the clean, distinct typography style. An apt reminder that Grinders is always in good taste.

The new website has positioned Grinders as a premium Australian coffee brand and has cultivated a coffee-loving community through all of their social channels.

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