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Julian Wilson

A peek inside the life of a pro surfer

Queensland-bred Julian Wilson is one of Australia’s most exciting up and coming surfers, who’s going from strength to strength on the ASP Men’s Tour. In 2011 he signed a $1million-a-year Nike sponsorship, and to celebrate, asked us to redesign his website – plus give him tools to communicate with his booming fan base.

We created the new brand's visual identity and designed and built the website, the first of its kind supported by our newly overhauled content management system.


Art Direction

There’s no doubt that the life of a pro surfer is pretty spectacular – and with so much travel, it’s conducive to some great photo opportunities. Fortunately, Julian had a full-time photographer accompanying him in 2011, documenting his travels as he embarked on his first world tour. This meant we have loads of visual content to base our new site around.


While we included info such as Julian’s Bio and Contact details, the focus of his site is definitely the live blog. This is highly visual, with simple art direction allowing photos to take centre stage. Along with official images, Julian’s own instagram snaps, blog posts, videos and tweets are fed in chronologically – giving people a real insight into his life as he’s living it.

Julian's pretty active on his social channels and his website pulls it all together into one place.
Noel Wilson Managing Director

Supported by our newly overhauled CMS, Julian’s site has allowed him to maintain a connection with his international fan base, and an online presence that’s consistent, spontaneous and above all, authentic. 

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