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Virgin Mobile changes phone behaviour for good

Virgin Mobile want to do more than just provide mobile service – they want to change the way people actually use their phones. This led to a campaign with a conscience: the Making Mobile Better Project.

At the heart of this initiative was the desire to get people to use their mobiles to create positive change in society. We were brought on board to help make this happen in a range of ways.


The project has so far consisted of a series of initiatives, the first of which was the wildly successful ‘Meal for a Meal’ campaign – designed to leverage the overarching trend of sharing food photos online.

The idea was to ask people to tag their food pics with the hashtag #mealforameal – and for every photo posted, Virgin Mobile would donate a real life meal to someone in need via charity OzHarvest.

The campaign was a huge success, with hundreds of thousands of hashtags posted and meals donated. It even caught the attention of high profile foodies like Jamie Oliver, Adriano Zumbo and MasterChef’s George Calombaris.



We brought all the Making Mobile Better initiatives together, along with some handy mobile-related content, at a single online hub: This is a collection of single scrolling pages, each dedicated to a different part of the project. A fixed navigation anchors down to the five main sections of content, and remains accessible across the entire site – whether viewed via desktop, tablet or mobile.

Future Büro always add value to a project beyond expectations. They really get to know your business in order to provide the ultimate marriage of brilliant design and performance.
Jordan Kerr, Virgin Mobile

Festive #mealforameal

The original ‘Meal for a Meal’ idea was revived with a different spin over the 2014 festive period, with the hashtag #festivalmealforameal. This was done in a bid to remind people about the potential for food wastage over the holiday period. ‘Festival Meal for a Meal’ encouraged them to support the charity OzHarvest, and also make more of their leftovers. A range of tasty recipes devised by Australia’s leading chefs was posted to show people how.

To date, over 240,000 real meals have been donated to those in need after the same number of food photos were posted with the hashtag #mealforameal

Meals delivered in 3 months
Hashtags #mealforameal

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