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Neüro CMS

Content management starts at home

After implementing a number of projects using ‘off the shelf’ solutions like Wordpress and Expression Engine – and seeing them fail to meet our clients’ needs – we decided it was time to develop our own CMS. We wanted to create a system that could be customised to suit different project requirements as well as provide an excellent user experience every time.

Developed over the past few years and overhauled in 2013, our CMS has evolved to become both powerful and hugely flexible. Our focus was on giving clients a system that required little or no training to use, yet was still capable of catering to their varied and changing needs. Now, that is exactly what the Future Büro CMS provides.

Built on top of the ubiquitous open-source Zend PHP Framework, our CMS is easy for developers to understand, and provides great performance on virtually all hosting platforms.


It also has no limitations on the type of content it can handle, which gives us the freedom to integrate it with other systems and to make changes as time goes on.

The design for the overhauled CMS is beautiful and minimal. The goal was to create a user-friendly user interface with intuitive interaction that makes editing and updating quick and easy.

Art Direction

To support and enhance the user interface we developed an iconfont, which gave us a huge amount of freedom and flexibility in using these icons throughout the CMS. A colour pallete of bright primary colours was introduced against a palette of white and shades of grey to highlight and differentiate the different actions to the user. 



Development Languages



+ JavaScript

+ Flash / ActionScript

+ C# .NET

+ Java

+ MySQL / SQL Server / Oracle

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