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Australian South Sea Pearls

The world's most beautiful pearls by Paspaley

While Paspaley is widely known for their Australian South Sea Pearl jewellery, they had never gone into much depth about the intricacies of the pearls themselves. There was clearly a rich and beautiful story behind these pearls – and we worked with Paspaley to determine how it should be told online.

Our first step for this project was to collaborate closely with Paspaley’s team and key customers, to decide what direction communications should take. As an authority in Australian South Sea Pearls, we found that Paspaley had a wealth of interesting information to share about how pearls were cultivated, nurtured and harvested. Moreover, we saw that this story was definitely something that could capture the consumer’s imagination.


Art Direction

Based on these insights, we developed a new section for the Paspaley website, devoted to these ‘rare treasures from the blue’. The art direction style was informed by Paspaley’s brand, meaning the design was light, delicate and luxurious – lots of white space and fine typography.


In addition to taking consumers ‘behind the scenes’ of the pearl cultivation process, we also developed an interactive tool called ‘Five Virtues’. This allowed the user to explore the time-honoured methods traditionally used to assess the value of pearls: lustre, complexion, colour, shape and size.

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