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Building an identity for an innovative media platform

QVIVO was developed in response to the huge (and ever-increasing) demand for entertainment media. It’s an innovative, cloud-based platform where users can store, manage and stream unlimited media – and best of all, it’s free.

Working together with QVIVO’s studio in Hong Kong, we were enlisted to create the visual identity, interaction design and user interface design for multiple media devices. In addition, we had a hand in the development of the Cloud Manager and online services of the platform itself. 

Given that QVIVO's core existence is primarily on-screen, we wanted motion to be a key part of its visual identity.


By extending the brand beyond the static shapes of the logotype and ‘Q’ mark identity, a sense of energy and fluidity was injected that carries through the entire user experience –  right from boot-up of the software.




We also reinforced QVIVO’s user-friendly nature by crafting an icon font to use across the interface and all branded comms. These were styled to echo the shape of the QVIVO logo, and act as a toolkit to get messages across swiftly and simply. 


For the website design, users arrive to view the QVIVO logo, which then fades to an ambient loop, with main menu icons transitioning onto the screen. The overall effect: clean and minimalist but still approachable.

Qvivo has blossomed into a gorgeous app with a sleek interface
Fast Company


We also developed an app that allows QVIVO users to browse and control their media library using their smart phone as a remote – literally placing a world of entertainment at their fingertips.

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