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Two Words for Tomorrow

GE asks Australia to help shape their innovation agenda

When devising their innovation agenda for the future, electronics company GE decided it was important to find out what mattered to Australians. This led to the “Two Words for Tomorrow” campaign – a transmedia initiative that asks Australians to answer one simple question: “In two words, describe the single biggest challenge facing Australia’s future?”

We were given the task of working in collaboration with GE’s other agencies to bring the campaign online: designing and developing the website, m-site, iPad polling app, Facebook tab and online polling and display ads.

In addition to the online components, we helped develop an cutting-edge interactive installation symbolising Australia’s live ‘stream of consciousness’ and GE's technological creativity.

The Installation

The installation was made up of a 4m x 2m display featuring 64 LED tiles which fed live data back to the website via the location-based iPad polling apps and featured a digital waterfall artwork. Visitors entered their two words at kiosks surrounding two LED towers and watched their words display and transform into a stream of color and light.




People could find out more about the campaign or add their own 'two words' via the campaign website. Submissions were live reported and categorised into Top 10 themes. People could explore results using demographic filters and publish customised infographics which could be shared out using social share functions. 

The insights we’ve learnt will help us build a better Australia for everyone
Steve Sargent President & CEO, GE Australia & NZ


A custom mobile site was developed to enhance the user experience for users on the go. Swipe gestures and a custom mobile navigation were implemented to tailor and optimise the all-important polling mechanic for mobile devices.

Results from the Two Words For Tomorrow campaign received widespread coverage, including articles in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. 

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