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Watch With Mother

A sketch show like no other

The Glue Society’s ‘Watch With Mother’ sketch show is an experimental blend of horror and comedy played out across a series of six short episodes. Developed by The Glue Society, ‘Watch with Mother’ is a six-part sketch show blending horror with comedy.

Such a unique show warranted an equally unusual viewing format, which was where we came in. Working together with The Glue Society, we devised an innovative way to get people watching and involved with the show.


Art direction

Watch with Mother’ was made for viewing via tablet. Even in the early stages of its conception, the show’s creators envisaged people watching it alone, in bed, in the dark, for maximum fright factor. With this in mind, we created an interactive app that delivered a suitably dark and moody experience – setting the tone with a cinematic look and feel that echoed the show’s content.

The App

The app features a sketch viewing mode that allows side-by-side playback of scenes featuring your favourite characters, together with 'Shuffle mode' playback of sketches in random order. The show's soundtrack, director interviews, ‘making of’ footage and photo galleries are also available.

The Watch With Mother app was released on both Google Play and the iTunes Store.

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